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Personalized Lanyard Attachment Options & Accessories

We offer a wide variety of attachments and accessories for personalized lanyards. Selecting the right attachment can be confusing, so don't limit yourself to just one. Several attachments, accessories, and optional add-ons can be included on each lanyard for the required uses.

Standard Attachments
These are the most popular and versatile attachments for custom lanyards. These attachments are included in the base price of your lanyard.

Included in cost standard attachments for your lanyard

Upgraded Attachments
These upgraded attachments can be in added in combination with a standard attachment at a small additional cost. Or for a more specific need these attachments can replace the a standard attachment.

Upgraded attachments for your lanyard

Optional Add-Ons
Additional optional attachments are add-ons that get built into the lanyard to add convenience or necessitate special requirements. These breakaway and retractable items can make your custom lanyard easier to use in certain environments with extending the reach of a badge or for safety reasons.

Optional add-on attachments for your lanyard

Contact a knowledgeable account representative today at 1.877.992.3766 or request a free quote online for a custom lanyard configuration or for more options.