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USB 3.0 Drives

Showcase your rich media campaign with a personalized SuperSpeed USB 3.0 drive. With data transfer speeds up to ten times faster and improved capabilities over the USB 2.0, users will have instant access to files while associating this enhanced digital experience with your branding. If your company, organization, or event needs to transfer large amounts of data to and from the drive, then the USB 3.0 will be the perfect way to promote your brand while maximizing efficiency. This new standard in technology shatters the 480MB per second data transfer limit of the USB 2.0 and rocket launches to a maximum of 4.8GB per second. USB 3.0 drives are not only more power efficient, they're also backwards compatible. USB 3.0 drives are bi-directional and are capable of reading and writing data simultaneously. The SuperSpeed USB 3.0 drive is the next step in USB evolution.

These custom USB 3.0 flash drives are available in the same color choices that their 2.0 counterparts have. All the better to suit you and your customer's needs. Customize the size of the USB 3.0 drive to fit your business goals ranging from 8GB to 128GB drives. Premium USB offers the option of free data preloading with data loads up to 100MB. Get your business moving faster with these fast custom 3.0 flash drives.

Check out our USB Data Services for more information on data loading, auto launch, and data lock.



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