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USB Sniffing Dogs?

Golden labrador police dog.

Crimes are increasingly happening in a digital space and evidence can be stored in devices like USB drives and SD cards which are easily hidden and store large amounts of data. Man’s best friend is now our best ally in tracking down evidence to help put perps behind bars. Drug sniffing dogs are now being trained to locate electronic devices that could potentially carry evidence. These dogs, called ESDs (electronics search dogs) are trained to sniff out particular chemicals, abbreviated as TPPO and HPK, which coat all storage devices that utilize memory. Unfortunately for criminals, these devices cannot be manufactured without it. It’s a small but growing specialty for working dogs; only a handful of dogs are currently able to do this and demand is high for more. ESDs have already been extremely useful for taking down criminals implicated in severe, high profile crimes.

Black labrador with his trainer sniffing out electronics.