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Custom Bluetooth Receivers

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Are the businesses you represent in or around a college town? Maybe their business is smack in the middle of America's number one party college. Which means there are a lot of young college kids having parties every night of the week. What's the most important thing to have at a college party other than booze? Music! Now-a-days every plays music from their phones. They connect to bluetooth speakers, to bluetooth headphones, to bluetooth anything and everything to play the music they can party to, but not everyone has a bluetooth speaker. That's where our Custom Bluetooth Receivers come in. Bluetooth Receivers can plug into any wired speaker or headset and turn it into a magical bluetooth device! Then bam! Everyone is listening to your party playlist. It was all made possible by your Custom Bluetooth Receiver.

Your clients can create moments like this over and over again. If you take advantage of the right custom product in the right market, amazing things can happen and the customers will follow. Make every speaker a wireless speaker with Custom Bluetooth® Receivers! Each receiver can be used to make any speaker or headphone product with a 3.5mm jack into a Bluetooth® enabled product. Receivers can be custom printed with brand’s unique artwork, setting you apart from the crowd!