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Custom VR Headset

The future is here with our VR Headset. It’s an exciting device that’s sure to thrill your clients and customers with its immersive 3D technology. This state of the art headset is designed for maximum comfort and convenience. It can hold one mobile device up close to your line of sight, using its 3D technology and its adjustable optical glasses to deliver a full 3D experience that is sure to amaze! The VR Headset is compatible with most smartphones, but may not be compatible with all apps and mobile devices. It makes for an exciting promotional item and giveaway.

Printing: 4-Color Printing
Colors: Black
Features: Up to 5mm myopic compensation
Supports phones with 3.5"-6" screen size
Inter pupillary distance: 58-68 mm
Turn Times: Express Service in 10 Business Days

10 Day Express Pricing
50+ 100+ 250+ 500+ 1000+
Black Headset
$15.99 $14.99 $14.59 $13.99 $13.49

Printed in the USA

*Prices for each unit.   Setup cost may apply.

Add $2 each for Same Day Service (S80110)
Add $1 each for 24 Hour Service (S80111)
Add 50¢ each for 2 Day Service (S80130)

Get our VR Headset and prepare to enter a whole new world of sound and vision. The VR Headset lets you get up close and personal with your mobile devices. The headset holds your smartphone in place in front of your line of sight and uses sophisticated 3D technology and adjustable optical glasses to create an astonishing, easy-on-the-eyes, immersive VR experience.

The VR Headset is a lightweight unit designed with your comfort and convenience in mind. It’s easy to put it on and keep it on with adjustable Velcro straps holding the Headset in place. Your face will be cushioned with a soft and yielding inner lining that won’t put pressure on your face as you take a dive into virtual reality. You’ll be able to adjust the focus on the optical glasses, as well as the object distance, so you can get the best possible clarity for your VR experience. It’s compatible with several different types and sizes of smartphones. Installing your smartphone in the VR headset is quick and easy: Once it’s setup, you’ll be able to watch 3D movies and play games to your heart’s content with this state of the art technology. The VR Headset offers full screen display and Left-to-Right split screen displays. Best of all: It’s a hands-free experience! With a shake of your head, you can play games and change videos. It is important to note that the VR Headset may not be compatible with all apps and mobile devices; The hands-free functionality may not work on all devices, either.

At home, on the bus, flying overseas, or lounging on the beach: You can enjoy 3D movies anytime and anywhere! There’s no reality, virtual or otherwise, where you’ll find another VR unit that’s as comfortable, as practical, and as affordable as this headset. This VR Headset makes for an exciting and unique promotional item and giveaway. Nothing shows your clients how forward-thinking and in-the-now your company is than by giving them one of these state of the art headsets.


Imprint Options

  • Printing: 4-Color Printing
  • Imprint Location: Front
  • Imprint Size: 162.5mm x 68.5mm

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