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Keepsake Wooden USB Drive with Box for Photographers

Make a great first impression with the handsome Keepsake Wooden drives and boxes for wedding and event photographers! Each one of these custom USB flash drives is designed to be a photographer’s dream wooden USB. They’re beautiful to behold, made out of smooth, natural wood. The Keepsake USB comes pre-packaged in a sturdy and lovely wooden USB box that’s easy to carry. The drive and the box can be printed or engraved, making this set a great promotional gift and calling card for any photographer. The Keepsake Wooden USB Drive with Box also makes an incredible gift for your friends, family, or clients.

Printing: Laser engraved
Data: FREE Data Preloading(up to 100MB)
Material: Wood
Drive Colors: Wood Walnut
Features: Magnetic Cap, Wooden Storage Box
USB Flash: Original Flash Core for Maximum Reliability and Longevity.
Turn Times: Express in 1-5 Business Days

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$23.27 $20.49 $18.51 $15.74 $14.30 $11.78 $10.58
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$36.70 $32.73 $29.55 $25.89 $24.03 $20.32 $18.58
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4GB 8GB 16GB 32GB 64GB

Need Custom Printing?

You know how they say a picture’s worth a thousand words? The Keepsake Wooden USB Drive with Box is worth a million! For any wedding and event photographer looking to make a great impression on their clients, this handsome and polished natural drive will do the trick. Give your couples something they’ll remember, something they can use! Each Wooden drive comes with large data storage capacities - perfect for storing photographs of your client's big day.

Featuring a magnetic cap, the Keepsake USB drive is smooth to the touch and highly durable. Each Keepsake Wooden USB drives come in a compact, easy-to-carry Wooden box. The unique design and magnetic lid protect the drive from harm when not in use. Both the box and the drive can be engraved or printed, making this set perfect to promote your business or to give as a special gift to your clients, family, and friends.


Imprint Options


  • Printing: Laser engraved
  • Product Size: 61mm x 33mm x 10mm
  • Imprint Location: Top
  • Imprint Size: 25mm x 10mm


  • Printing: laser engraved
  • Product Size: 80mm x 54mm x 20mm
  • Imprint Location: Top
  • Imprint Size: 60mm x 35mm

Imprint Area