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TEAC P-55 Versamax Color Ribbon Set (CMYadhesive + Transfer)

TEAC's VersaMax ribbon is the most flexible and most economical ribbon available for the P-55 printer. Print on virtually any type of disc including thermal, inkjet, and even silver top! Set includes 1 color ribbon and 1 transfer ribbon. 500 prints per set.

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If you're looking to get the best value from your TEAC P-55 printer, the VersaMax ribbon is the answer. The VersaMax is a 3 color CMY ribbon that allows you to print text and photos directly on to CD and DVD discs with a P-55 printer.

So what is it that makes the VersaMax ribbon so special? Unlike the Photo and Color ribbons, the VersaMax ribbon includes a proprietary adhesive panel in addition to the 3 CMY color panels. This special adhesive panel makes it possible for the artwork to adhere to virtually all thermal media, and even some inkjet and silver lacquer media as well!

This means that users are no longer required to use traditional thermal printable media, but can now choose from inkjet and silver lacquer media for the most economical disc printing solution around! By broadening your choice of printable media, the overall cost of operating the printer decreases as well.