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Product Details

  • Printing: FREE 4–Color Printing (FREE 1–Color 2nd Location)
  • Data: FREE Data Preloading (up to 100MB)
  • Shipping: FREE Ground Shipping
  • Material: Paper, Recycled Wood
  • Drive Colors: Recyled Paper Brown
  • Features: Magnetic Cap
  • Turn Times: Express in 1-3 Business Days, Standard in 10 Business Days.


PremiumUSB Advantage

Little things can make a BIG difference. Take a look at our Recycler custom USB Drive. It’s a small, humble package that packs a lot of data storage power inside it’s eco-friendly materials. You can help Mother Earth by using a USB drive that’s made from recycled wood! The “green” Recycler comes with an attachable magnetic cap. The Recycler combines a natural look with state of the art technology. It has storage capacities that range from 128MB to 32GB. It’s compatible with PC, Mac, and Linux. The Recycler’s Hi-Speed USB has a shock resistance of 1,000G, up to 10 years of data retention, and a limited lifetime warranty.

The Recycler comes with FREE 4-Color Printing, so you can add your logo or personal brand onto this handsome “green” machine. The Recycler is a great promotional item, demonstrating your organization’s environmental awareness while also putting your name out there.


Imprint Options

  • Product Size: 60.5mm x 28.5mm x 8.5mm
  • Print Types: 4-Color Printing
  • Imprint Location: Front & Back
  • Imprint Size: 25mm x 32mm

Imprint Area



  • Interface Options: Hi-Speed USB 3.0, 2.0 And 1.1
  • Compatibility: PC/MAC/LINUX compatible
  • Operating System:s Windows and Mac
  • Driver: Required only for Windows 98/95
  • Shock Resistance: 1,000G
  • Data Retention: Up to 10 years
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty



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