Rope Loop for USB Drive

Keep your data on a tight leash with this Rope Loop for USB Drive. Available in black or white colors, this hardy loop accessory is the perfect way to keep your USB close at hand. It features a braided rope that’s situated between a metallic key clip and a sturdy string loop that makes it easy to attach the Rope Loop to almost anything: Belt loops, key rings, straps, and more! The Rope Loop is available in packs of 100. They make great additions to any promotional items and giveaways.

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Don’t let your USB drives roam away from you: Rope ‘em in with our Rope Loop for USB Drive! This hardy and handy rope loop is the perfect accessory for keeping your drive safe and secure. This loop accessory features a braided rope that is situated between a durable string loop and a metallic key clip. The loop and clip makes it a snap to attach the rope to a key ring, strap, belt loop, or anywhere else you want to leave your USB hanging. This simple and handsome Rope Loop is available in both black and white colors, so it will match whichever color your USB drive has. The Rope Loop can be purchased in quantities of 100 loops per pack. They make great additions to promotional items and giveaways. They’re also great items to hand out to coworkers, students, and family. It’s so easy to lose a USB drive because of their small and lightweight nature. Attaching them to the Rope Loop will make it so you don’t have to worry about losing track of it. Once it’s roped you know exactly where it is, and don’t you want that peace of mind when it comes to your data?