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USDM P55 Cleaning Kit

Maintaining your TEAC P-55 thermal disc printer has never been easier with the USDM P55 Cleaning Kit! Specifically designed for cleaning the P-55’s printer heads and rollers, each kit includes applicator swabs, a bottle of cleaning solution, and printed instructions. And while the P-55 may be a sophisticated, complex machine, cleaning it is a simple process. Check out the PDF we’ve posted on this page and you’ll see that it’s a quick and straightforward operation. With this kit and a little elbow grease you’ll have your P-55 running smoothly for years to come!

SKU: E95008

A TEAC P-55 thermal disc printer is a great investment for any organization. A powerful and efficient machine, it can serve you well for years to come so long as it’s taken care of. In order to keep your TEAC P-55 in tip-top shape, you’ll need to clean and maintain it. Keeping your thermal printer clean is a breeze with the USDM P55 Cleaning Kit! It’s specially designed for cleaning the printer heads and rollers of the TEAC P-55. Each kit includes a bottle of cleaning solution, applicator swabs, and printed instructions.

For instructions on how to care and maintain your P-55, check out this PDF we’ve put together for you. It includes pictures and breaks down everything you need to know about cleaning your P-55. It’ll teach you how to activate the P-55’s built-in “Clean Up Mode”, as well as how to clean the thermal heads and cooling fan filters.