Accutower Flash FAQ Page

Accutower Flash [K68003]On this page you will find answers to some frequently asked questions about the Accutower Flash USB duplicator.

What is the Accutower Flash?
The Accutower Flash is the world's most powerful USB duplicator, powered by MasterUSB Command Center software. This machine is capable of duplicating up to 77 USB flash drives at once.

What does the Accutower Flash DO?
The Accutower Flash is BOTH a “complete” and “scalable” system that copies USB flash drives in any quantity, from small to massive.

What special features does the Accutower Flash have?
The unit is capable of copying 7 or 28 drives out of the box, and can be expanded to 49 or 77 ports with an optional add-on tower. It is powered by MasterUSB Command Center software.

Why should I purchase an Accutower Flash?
Accutower Flash may look like a USB duplicator, but actually it is a time machine.  With the power of Accutower Flash, you will get more done in less time. What this machine does is give you the most precious gift of all: more time.

What is MasterUSB Command Center?
The user friendly heart of the system, Command Center is the software that powers the Accutower Flash. It is super easy to use, yet powerful, featuring a full set of options including copy, verify, format, partition repair, and time saving custom sequence functions.
What is included with the Accutower Flash?
The Accutower Flash comes complete with everything right out of the box. The full package includes the duplicator tower, keyboard, mouse, and the monitor (including all the necessary cables). Setup is easy with the included quick start guide.

Can I add more ports to copy more drives?
Yes, the Accutower Flash has two optional add-on towers which add 21 ports or 49 additional ports.  No additional software is needed to use the add-on towers.

How fast can it copy?
Accutower Flash can easily copy 1GB of data in just minutes. While the copy speed depends on how many drives you are copying, how big your files are, and how fast your drives are, the Accutower Flash can typically copy 77 drives in just minutes.

What types of source media can the Accutower Flash accept?
The Accutower Flash accepts over 50 different types of source media, including CD and DVD discs, USB drives, Secure Digital (SD) cards, Compact Flash (CF) cards, Smart Media (SM), and Memory Stick (MS) media. Other types of media may also be used with adapters (microSD, miniSD, transflash, etc.).

How large is it?
The Accutower Flash 2800XL is the same size as an average personal computer. In addition to the keyboard and mouse, it comes with a space-saving LCD monitor.

Who is the Accutower Flash for?
This machine is an excellent solution for anyone looking to copy USB flash drives in high volumes, both quickly and easily. For duplication centers, copy shops, and marketing/distribution firms, the Accutower Flash is an invaluable tool for any business.

How can I become a reseller?
Please contact us at for more information.

Where should I go if I still have questions?
Please contact us at for more information.