Thunderbolt 4's Release Not Likely to Upset USB's Hold on PC Ports

Thunderbolt 4 VS USB

Thunderbolt 4’s Release Not Likely to Upset USB’s Hold on PC Ports

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Samsung Now Offers SSD Card That Locks With A Fingerprint

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How to Protect Your Data and Laptop if Stolen in Public Using a USB Cable

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Flashback: Never Pick Up A Dirty Flash Drive! You Never Know Where It's Been!

illustrated infected USB Drive

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Safari Will Now Support USB Security Keys for iOS13.3

iPhone Safari icon

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Yubico and Google Team Up to Build USB-C Titan Security Key

Binary Code Security Key

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USB-IF Announces USB4 Specifications


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Bug in Supermicro Hardware Could Let Virtual USBs Take Over Corporate Servers

Bug in Supermicro Hardware

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USB Security and Two Factor Authentication

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