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Yubico and Google Team Up to Build USB-C Titan Security Key

Binary Code Security Key

If you’ve been despairing that there doesn’t seem to be a security key available in the USB-C connector format, then there’s good news for you. Google will be making their latest Titan Security ... Read More

USB-IF Announces USB4 Specifications


Just a few days ago, the USB-Implementers Forum (USB-IF), announced the specifications for the latest iteration of the USB protocol, USB 4. Its announcement earlier this yearRead More

Bug in Supermicro Hardware Could Let Virtual USBs Take Over Corporate Servers

Bug in Supermicro Hardware

We all know how risky it is to plug a strange or unknown USB drive or device into your computer. There could be malicious software just waiting to snatch at your computer controls and sensitive da ... Read More

USB Security and Two Factor Authentication

Secure USB Flash Drive

Security is a hot topic in today’s world which relies almost exclusively on tech to conduct its business and personal tasks. Naturally, this opens the possibility of your information getting stolen an ... Read More

New iPhone 11 May Still Keep Lightning Port Instead of USB-C

An iPhone X showing port.

This might just be a year where you should skip upgrading your iPhone. The online rumor mill regarding just what’s in store for us with this year’s iPhone model from Apple has been churning ... Read More

Flash Drives Bring Freedom to North Korea

USB Flash Drive

Who would have thought that USB drives might be the key to helping free North Korean citizens? Well, it’s true. Drives loaded with counter Kim Jong-un data is being stealthily snuck into North Korea and pl ... Read More

USB for iPad? iPads are Finally Getting Native USB Support


As expected, this year’s Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) has been a hotbed of new announcements regarding Apple products, services, and devices. This year’s revelations, in particular, have left a lot of Apple ... Read More

Major OEMS Invest in Flash Memory for the Future

Toshiba & Western Digital

The city of Kitakami (Iwate Prefecture) in Japan soon will see a new manufacturing facility devoted to producing flash memory. It is the result of a joint investment between Toshiba Memory and Western Digital ... Read More

Why You Should Think Twice Before Using Airport USB Charging Stations

Girl charging cell phone in airport

With our reliance on hand held mobile devices like cell phones and tablets not likely to end anytime soon, it’s important that we become aware of the dangers associated with their use in ... Read More

Is There Such Thing as An Unhackable USB Drive? Not Yet.

USB Drive in the palm of hand.

They said that the Titanic was unsinkable. Airships like the Hindenburg were supposed to be safe. In fact, anytime anyone invents something and claims it’s incorruptible, the entire world seems ... Read More