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McAfee Security on USB Flash Drive?

McAfee Security on USB Flash Drive

In the world of security, one can never be too careful. Most people believe that their information is safe or that theft will never happen to them. However, almost everyone who is a victim of the ... Read More

Cloud Storage vs. USB Drives

Cloud Storage vs. USB Drives

Portable storage is a big issue these days. Entire industries have gone to great lengths to improve their portable storage options. One solution that some companies are adopting is to store their data on the ... Read More

What is a USB COB Flash chip?

COB Core

A USB COB Flash Chip is a term that almost no one outside of being a computer engineer knows. It’s rather amazing to think more people don’t know what a COB chip is because it can be found in almost every industry, walk ... Read More

Differences in Flash Chip Quality

Differences in Flash Chip Quality

Like all types of technology there are products with superior quality, while there are others that are more second-rate. In the case of custom f ... Read More

Inside the USB: A Dissection in a Flash!


Flash Drives have been around for years. They are the little handy devices we all take for granted to store our personal information or work projects on and occasionally misplace. However, not many people know exactly how they work ... Read More