Custom Flash Drives: A Gig is how big?

A gig is how big?

How big is a Gigabyte worth of data really? How many songs, movies, or data files can fit on a large-capacity USB drive hold? Well despite the USB flash drive being in almost every home and business in America, most people do not know exactly how many files it can hold.

In order to put a Gigabytes worth of data into perspective we have taken the time to put together some fun fact about memory size and exactly what in our everyday lives we can equate them to. Keep in mind the below statistics are based on averages and that actual statistics will vary depending on file size.

Fun Facts about Memory


  1. 1GB of memory holds roughly 230 Mp3 songs, or about 16 hours of continuous music/20 music albums.
  2. The average movie in modern cinema is about 2 hours long and takes up a space of approximately 1.5GB worth of data.
  3. 1 Terabyte, or the equivalent of 1,024 Gigabytes; is about the equivalent to 50,000 trees when used to store electronic data. This means that a 2GB flash drive could save about 100 trees per every time you use it and considering how often we use flash drives, we could save a rainforest every day!
  4. A 1GB flash drive can store up to an estimated 600 photos. Your average photo album only stores 1/3 that amount.
  5. The average 2 minute video on YouTube is only about 4MB in data. If you were to copy these videos over and over to a flash drive, you would make approximately 230 copies, or 7 hours of video, before filling a 1GB drive
  6. The entire human genome, 810MB worth of data, can be put on a 1GB flash drive.

How Many Approximate Files Can Be Stored On A Custom Flash Drive

Custom Flash Drives: A Gig is how big?