Transcend Showing Off 2TB USB 3.0 Flash Drive


If you are currently using a 1TB or 2TB HDD right now, you’d probably assume that storage that big couldn’t come any smaller. But your palm-sized external USB drive just got one-upped by a new flash drive.

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Who Invented the USB Flash Drive?

Circuit Diagram

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IOGEAR Wireless USB Hub Bids Farewell to Cords

iogear wireless usb hub

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Keeping a USB Flash Drive Plugged In: Is It Ok?

Plugged in USB drive

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USB Flash Drive Versus SSD: Revealing the Differences

USB Flash Drive VS SSD

When solid state drives and USB flash drives are both known for using NAND flash memory, it’s easy to blur their differences. So while they essentially come from the same family, there are three distinct factors ... Read More

What Does “Please Insert a Disk Into Drive” Mean?

Man staring at computer screen in confusion

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How-To: USB Flash Drive Care Tips

USB Flash Drive Care Tips

If you own a USB flash drive, chances are that you have used-and-abused it without even knowing. While they can surprisingly survive elements like extreme temperature or physical impact, these conditions will do ... Read More

What’s in a Name? USB Flash Drive Synonyms

Whats in a name?

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The World’s Most Expensive USB Drive


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Benefits of Formatting USB Flash Drive

Benefits of Formatting USB Flash Drives

When you buy a custom USB flash drive, the possibility of formatting will likely never cross the average user’s mind. All you want to worry about is plugging it into a USB port and ... Read More