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How to Detect Fake Flash Drive Warning Signs

How to Detect Fake Flash Drives

There are so many benefits to online shopping, but you can just as easily fall into a trap of not getting what you pay for. Nowhere can this be more evident than when buying USB flash drives. If you're relyin ... Read More

Differences Between USB Flash Drive vs. SD Card

Differences Between USB Flash Drive vs. SD Card

The USB flash drive versus SD card: they’re both small, portable and used to transfer and store files.  Their differences are noteworthy, but they are hardly rivals in the world of ... Read More

Blinking LED Flash Drive: What It Means

Blinking LED on USB Drive

That tiny beam of light coming from your USB flash drive is not just for show.  It may seem like a feature just inherent to your electronic devices, but a flash drive LED light indicator tells a story of i ... Read More

Problems with Flash Drive and Mac

Macbook Problems

There is no question that Apple has garnered a unique following of Mac enthusiasts. These devotees are captivated by the idea of Apple, thanks to incomparable marketing as well as products with clean, unobtrusive des ... Read More

8 Creative Ways to Recycle USB Flash Drives

8 Creative Ways to Recycle USB Flash Drives

As the capacity of USB flash drives grows with their popularity as storage devices, more gigs have become more affordable. This is great news except that some of our old drives may fa ... Read More

Save Emails to USB Flash Drive

Save emails to USB Flash Drive

No matter what kind of industry you work in, staying up to date on your emails is crucial. They're one of the most important forms of communication in the business world. Depending on the kind of work you do, yo ... Read More

How You Can Prevent Loss of USB Drives

Lost and found

When you hear about USB flash drives in the headlines, they’re often associated with data breaches or missing devices. A recent study even concluded that thousands of flash drives were left behind at laundromats eve ... Read More

Global Unique Identifier: What is it?

Global Unique Identifier

A Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) is a string of numbers given to a particular object to distinguish itself from another object on a given system. The most common and widespread form of UUID is th ... Read More

How to speed up slow USB Flash Drives

Lights zooming by 

We all have old flash drives roaming around for one reason or another, perhaps in a desk drawer or in an old coffee mug somewhere, but did you know that you cannot continue to use your old drives, but yo ... Read More

Musicians Releasing New Albums on Flash Drives

Recording artist singing into a microphone in a sound studio.

There is a new trend in the music industry that’s spreading like a brush fire in the summer heat. The brushfire I am of course talking about is the growing tren ... Read More