Charge Your USB Gadgets Through the TV in Your Hotel Room When Travelling

How to charge your USB Devices through a hotel room TV

There are so many different devices that can now be powered via USB. The best thing about this is the universality of USB ports- nearly everywhere you go, you can find a USB port to use. Unfortunately, plug outlets aren't as ubiquitous for your charging cables. Yet, with the increase in flat screen TVs, you now have a new option for keeping your devices charged.

Have you ever forgotten your charger for your USB device while traveling? It is a remarkably common mistake, and most people tend to forget chargers. Buying a new charger is not the only option you have, though. You can, in fact, get your devices (including tablets, smart phones, and even MP3 players) charged with the help of a USB cable and the TV while in your hotel room. The way to do it? Plug it into your TV!


All you will have to do is connect the USB cable to the device and the other end to the television. As soon as you turn on the television, your device will start charging. This technique can also be used with other devices like Direct TV boxes or even Playstations. Of course, first you will have to check whether your room has a TV with the port availability. Only then will you be able to charge your device without a charger. Older models of televisions are not supplied with USB ports and so you can expect this benefit only from the latest models of TVs. However, this is certainly an extremely helpful tip because mistakes like forgetting your chargers while traveling can make or break a trip (to say nothing of your bank account, as chargers aren't cheap).


It is not convenient to travel with all the chargers to the devices you are carrying. In that case, this trick is especially suitable. The hotels people usually stay in have the latest models of televisions and all the latest models are supplied with USB ports behind them. Next time you are traveling, don’t forget this useful tip that you can use on your device once it has been drained.