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What is Micro USB vs Mini USB Answered

Different USB types

Gone are the days when you had to live with multiple chargers – one for your cell phone, one for your PDA, one for your mp3 player and so forth. Nowadays, while travelling, you only carry one charger with you ... Read More

How to Protect USB Flash Drives From Viruses and Malware – Free Downloads

Virus protection

You use your USB flash drive to transfer files across a number of computers and that makes it vulnerable to viruses and malware. You can never be too careful with your USB flash drive’s security. There is alway ... Read More

USB 2.0 vs USB 3.0 Speed Test Results

Moving at the speed of light

Last week, we introduced you to the Sonic USB 3.0 flash drive from PremiumUSB. Today we’re going to do a speed test comparison between the Sonic USB 3.0 and a USB 2.0 drive and see what kind of performanc ... Read More

Who Invented the USB Flash Drive?

Circuit Diagram

People like when there are straightforward answers, especially when it comes to inventions. However, this is quite often not so cut and dry. When someone asks, “Who invented the USB drive?” there is the chi ... Read More

Keeping a USB Flash Drive Plugged In: Is It Ok?

Plugged in USB drive

Our USB flash drives are a constant companion through the daily work grind as well as for our personal multimedia needs. They feel like an integral part of our desktops and laptops. Because we place so much value on ... Read More

USB Flash Drive Versus SSD: Revealing the Differences

USB Flash Drive VS SSD

When solid state drives and USB flash drives are both known for using NAND flash memory, it’s easy to blur their differences. So while they essentially come from the same family, there are three distinct factors ... Read More

What Does “Please Insert a Disk Into Drive” Mean?

Man staring at computer screen in confusion

It’s one simple message but it can have several meanings: “Please insert a disk into Removable Disk.” The problem is you’ve already plugged your flash drive into the USB po ... Read More

How-To: USB Flash Drive Care Tips

USB Flash Drive Care Tips

If you own a USB flash drive, chances are that you have used-and-abused it without even knowing. While they can surprisingly survive elements like extreme temperature or physical impact, these conditions will do ... Read More

What’s in a Name? USB Flash Drive Synonyms

Whats in a name?

While many consumer technology products are instantly recognized by their names, the USB flash drive has always had a bit of an identity crisis.  The name USB flash drive may be the most universal term f ... Read More

Benefits of Formatting USB Flash Drive

Benefits of Formatting USB Flash Drives

When you buy a custom USB flash drive, the possibility of formatting will likely never cross the average user’s mind. All you want to worry about is plugging it into a USB port and ... Read More