Say Yes to the Wedding USB Drive

Posh box with Illustion USB Drive.

It is more important than ever in today’s high sharing world to memorialize important moments. Traditional photo albums have gone the way of the dinosaur, and even CD portfolios are so 1999. What is the modern bride and her photographer supposed to do? Say yes to the wedding USB drive, of course.

For the efficient delivery and storage of wedding photos, there is no better option than using a USB drive. With tons of benefits, it’s no wonder that many top notch photographers and savvy brides are turning to flash drives for their modern wedding needs. Wedding USB drives solve a number of wedding issues all at once and offer attractive benefits to both bride and her photographer.

In years long gone, photographers would send their client’s undeveloped photo reels for them to develop at their own expense, or send developed photographs at a premium. Thankfully the invention of compact discs (CDs) innovated this process and reduced the headache, but not by much. CDs require a lot of skill to format and make pretty. More than one photographer has told us how frustrating custom printing CDs really is. They also become damaged far too easily to suit most people. Additionally, CD drives are becoming increasingly difficult to come across. Most new electronic devices don’t even include them anymore. Some photographers still use CDs to deliver wedding photos to their clients, but there’s a better way. USB drives for photographers store and transfer data, all in a convenient little customizable package. USB drives come in a huge spectrum of storage capacities, so whatever the size of the job, there’s a capacity suited to it.

The beauty of wedding USBs is that they can be easily customized on a budget. In today’s market, high quality, full color printing options and a wide variety of drive shapes, sizes, and colors are readily available. The USB industry has gotten quite creative with its drive shapes. If there’s a particular shape in mind you’ll probably find it, whether you’re looking for a drive shaped like a camera, football, designer shoe, or credit card. There are all types of brides out there and it’s likely they’ll find a drive to suit them.

Natural Wood Box

This also means that wedding USB sticks can be utilized as wedding favors, a welcome break from tired old hats like personalized cheese knives, inedible monogrammed candy, or  useless custom etched glasses that no one will ever feel right about using. Custom wedding USB flash drives are small, compact, customizable, inexpensive, and extremely useful - guaranteeing they’ll stick around for quite some time. They’ll definitely be a hit at the wedding!

Crystal USB Drive

On the photographer’s end, the easy customization of USB drives is an attractive business proposition. Business logos can be printed on a nice looking memory stick, photos uploaded, and disbursed to the client with ease. No-fuss, no do-it-yourself printing or hours of configuring navigation screens. Even better, USB flash drives are inexpensive, can be custom ordered in large batches, and have a huge range of storage capacities. Custom USB suppliers even offer elegant and attractive USB gift boxes which offer even more personalization, promotional, and gift value for your clients. Gift packaging includes such niceties as all natural wood boxes, luxurious velvet boxes, or leather albums. Photographers can gift wrap the client’s photos in a matching wedding USB box to really make an impression (and may gain repeat customers or new referrals).

Keepsake box and usb drive.

At this point you may be asking yourself, “But what about image sharing or Cloud technology?” While such options appear attractive and are admittedly inexpensive, there are a few drawbacks to this method of image distribution. Image sharing and Cloud websites are informal, lacking a physical and authentic presence that you can have with custom USB drives with matching decorative packaging. It robs the experience and memories of something precious just to slap some data on a website and call it a day. Giving beautiful memories a physical space honors them while giving them a home. It’s a keepsake, after all. Wedding USBs provide an opportunity for the photographer to give a gift to the client. This physical packaging (the memory stick and any fancy wrapping) also allows for promotional and advertising prospects that a photographer cannot overlook.

On the bride and groom’s end, they may prefer to have their photos physically available without the hassle of storing hundreds of photo sheets. It is also much more gratifying to go to the post-wedding proofing session, agree on the photos, and then be presented immediately with the wedding photos in a USB presentation box. USB drives can be used without internet, thus enhancing their useful convenience.

Most images are viewed digitally now (Facebook, mobile phones, etc) and as such, the wedding industry needs to keep pace. Today’s bride and photographer are on top of the trends, eagle-eyed towards reducing costs and eager to find new innovative ideas to separate them from all the rest. 


  •  Inexpensive, bulk orders
  •  Customizable/Personalization
  •  Data storage for wedding portfolio
  •  Easily transportable
  •  Promotional & Advertising value
  •  Unique