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iPad’s New USB-C Port Lacks Functionality
iPad’s new USB-C port
Image by Jason Cipriani/ZDNet

After a long period of rumors, skepticism, and curiosity, Apple introduced th ... Read More

Data May One Day Be Stored in Powder

explosion of colored powder

Technical innovators are always looking for creative solutions to our current problems. You may not be aware that data storage is one of those issues. Actually, it’s a big problem for us because of how w ... Read More

Apple Brings the USB-C Port to New iPad Pro

ipad pro

The results are in! In a completely unexpected move, today Apple introduced their newest iPad Pro which now sports—much to the utter shock of consumers everywhere—a USB-C port. As you are probably aware, Apple is ... Read More

How to Back Up, Restore, and Create A Bootable USB Drive

back up usb flash drive.

Let’s Boot it Up!

If you thought that your USB drive was only good for holding old pictures and forgotten homework assignments, then hold onto your hat. USB drives can do so much more! In ad ... Read More

Is Apple About to Fully Embrace USB-C After All?

ipad pro.

You may be sick of hearing about rumors of Apple finally adopting USB-C in lieu of their trademark proprietary cables, but that’s what everyone’s talking about over the water cooler this morning. That’s because a ... Read More

What You Should Check Out at PhotoPlus Expo 2018

PDN. Photoplus Expo 2018.

The largest photography and visual show and conference in North America is right around the corner. The PhotoPlus Expo will be held in New York City at the Javits Convention Center next week, from Octobe ... Read More

Apple Could Be Forced Into USB-C

Apple USB-C to Lightning Cable

Lately, there have been rumors that Apple will be diving into the world of non-proprietary products by including a lightning to USB C cable in their newest iPhone release. At this point the ... Read More

Fingerprint Locking Technology for USB Drives: Are They the Key?


Besides their crazy retail price, what do many newly released mobile phones have in common? Fingerprint locking technology. It’s being lauded as the future of security for comp ... Read More

Google’s USB Hardware Security Keys

Google Security

Today’s Internet users have a plethora of online accounts, whether they remember signing up for them or not. The high number of accounts with our personal information stored on them poses a great security risk a ... Read More

USB Drives for Your Phone

iphone with a USB Drive plugged into it sitting next to a laptop.

Despite our rapidly innovative advances in the tech sector, the agony and stress of finding necessary data storage on the go continues. Consumers want slim, ... Read More