How You Can Prevent Loss of USB Drives

Lost and found

When you hear about USB flash drives in the headlines, they’re often associated with data breaches or missing devices. A recent study even concluded that thousands of flash drives were left behind at laundromats eve ... Read More

Global Unique Identifier: What is it?

Global Unique Identifier

A Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) is a string of numbers given to a particular object to distinguish itself from another object on a given system. The most common and widespread form of UUID is th ... Read More

How to speed up slow USB Flash Drives

Lights zooming by 

We all have old flash drives roaming around for one reason or another, perhaps in a desk drawer or in an old coffee mug somewhere, but did you know that you cannot continue to use your old drives, but yo ... Read More

Musicians Releasing New Albums on Flash Drives

Recording artist singing into a microphone in a sound studio.

There is a new trend in the music industry that’s spreading like a brush fire in the summer heat. The brushfire I am of course talking about is the growing tren ... Read More

Evolution of the Flash Drive

Evolution of the Flash Drive

USB Flash drives have been around for more than a decade, but they were not as popular or as powerful as they are today. Like every piece of technology, USBs had to be built form the ground up and went thr ... Read More

Why Flash Drives Get Hot

Why Flash Drives Get Hot

You have probably noticed that your electronics will get progressively warmer the longer you use them at any one time. ... Read More

Zero-Fill Flash Drives: What Does It Mean To Zero-fill?

Zero-Fill Flash Drives

When you delete a file from your hard drive or USB drive, what happens to it? Does it get permanently erased or is it just removed from view? You might be surprised to learn that when you delete a file from your stora ... Read More

Pros and Cons of Art Lebedev Disposable Cardboard USB Flash Drive

Samusung phone connected to laptop

We’ve all seen our share of crazy flash drives. Manufacturers, artists and peripheral lovers have created USBs using just about any shape and material you can imagine. As a user, you value eac ... Read More

Long Term Data Backup: USB Flash Drives

Long Term Data Backup

Backing up your data files has not only become common practice in today’s technology-filled world, it's a necessity. Almost every business in the world needs to keep records or backups of their information for lat ... Read More

How’s a USB Flash Drive Made?

How's a USB Flash Drive Made

USB drives are deceptively simple devices. Compact and easy to use, it can be hard to remember that they are really very sophisticated and complex devices. And not just complex devices, but VITAL ones. Your co ... Read More