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How’s a USB Flash Drive Made?

How's a USB Flash Drive Made

USB drives are deceptively simple devices. Compact and easy to use, it can be hard to remember that they are really very sophisticated and complex devices. And not just complex devices, but VITAL ones. Your common USB flash drive, whether made for retail or custom promotions, are a modern marvel when you analyze just how complex they really are. There are literally thousands of individual connections all connecting the hundreds of components inside the drive. They are all working together to allow a user to store information with them on the go. It would be hard to imagine our current data economy running as smoothly as it does without these little marvels making it so easy to relay race information from hard drive to hard drive. 

As amazing as it is to see a USB drive in action, it is far more impressive to watch how they are made. So today we have a very special treat for our readers in video form, courtesy of Lexar, a leading manufacturer in USB flash and flash products! It displays the manufacturing process of several of their flash products, such as USB flash drives and SD cards. Hope you enjoy the video!

View Behind the Scenes Look video.


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