Mach Xtreme Slim MX-GX USB 3.0 Flash Drive Makes Valentine’s Day Debut

Mach Xtreme Slim MX-GX USB 3.0 Flash Drive

A year after formally entering the field of digital technology, the Taiwanese-based tech company Mach Xtreme has come to establish itself, earning award after award for its products which i ... Read More

Buying Tips for Flash Drive Quality

A variety of USB Flash Drives

Considering the variety of flash drives on the market, it should be no surprise that they come in varying degrees of quality from the inside out.  If longevity and product integrity are the most importan ... Read More

HiMax Unleashes First USB 3.0 Pico Projector

HiMax USB 3.0 Pico Projector

When HiMax Technologies confirmed that it is launching its own line of pico projectors, not many people were surprised, as different brands of this high-tech miniscule device just literally sprung ou ... Read More

What is the Difference Between Original Flash and OEM Flash?

What is the Difference Between Original and OEM Flash

When buying promotional products, there are literally hundreds of criteria associated with producing a promotion that you are satisfied with. In the USB flash drive industry, this usuall ... Read More

Help for a Wet Flash Drive

Man with laptop drenched in water

Common sense dictates that water and electronics don't mix, but the same doesn't always hold true for a wet flash drive. There are a few tips and tricks to salvage your digital data in the event that ... Read More

Super Talent Unveils 500GB USB 3.0 Storage Pod

Super Talent 500GB USB 3.0 Storage Pod.

When you browse through Super Talent’s list of online products, you won’t find a category for hard drives even though the company’s new Read More

Difference between COB and UDF USB Flash Drives

Circuit board

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USB Tethering: Samsung Hack and Droid 2 Update

Samusung phone connected to laptop

The multipurpose applications for USB technology never cease to amaze and a glance at the tech headlines proves why it’s still in demand. ... Read More

Hard Drives vs. Flash Memory: Cost Per Gigabyte Explained

Hard Drives vs. Flash Memory

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How much Space does a USB Flash Drive Really Have?

Low Disk Space Warning

If you have ever purchased a USB flash drive, of any size, you will probably have noticed that the USBs are advertised at a certain data capacity size. Data capacities usually range from 128mb – 256 ... Read More