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ADATA Gets Chrome with Google

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Google Chrome has a lot of fans. Thanks to its usually seamless and fast web browsing experience, many users flock to it as the preferred web browser. As a matter of fact, StatCounter released sometime in February that Google Chrome alone took up 37% of the usage share among web browsers in the global scale. Well aware of Google Chrome’s performance and popularity is ADATA. In order to get the benefits of collaboration with a web giant like Google, the company has announced that four of its USB flash drive models will carry “powered by Google” logos.

ADATA’s agreement with Google is solidified by the logos that will appear stamped on its Dash Drive UD310, Dash Drive C008, Classic C906, and Superior S102 Pro USB flash drive models. The “powered by Google” logos serve as proof that ADATA’s featured flash drives offer indisputable compatibility with the Google Chrome and Chromebooks. It may seem like an uncommon move in the technology industry, but ADATA is merely implementing actions that Microsoft has long been utilizing. If you pay close attention, you’ll find that most, if not all, computers in the market bear a sticker vouching for that computer’s compatibility with Windows, Mac, or Linux. ADATA is just reusing the concept in hopes of giving its own brand a reputation more diverse than just a company devoted to supplying consumers with the latest in fashionable flash drives and other storage media.

So, what kind of message is ADATA after in this new partnership with Google? According to the firm, it plans on reinventing and projecting itself to the consumer public as a leading enterprise in the industry, known for paying close attention to the demands of users in the current global market. A partnership with Google suddenly makes a whole lot of sense. ADATA has taken specific care to note that its USB flash drives are compatible with Chromebooks. Chromebooks that happen to be commanding high sales rates and user demand. As of now, neither ADATA nor Google has divulged any information regarding the two businesses’ terms of agreement and what exactly makes ADATA’s featured drives suitable for Chromebooks and Google Chrome.

Despite the lack of any details, there is still an incentive for consumers to purchase ADATA’s Google-backed drives. The incentive comes in the form of a bonus pack of pre-loaded software that includes UFDtoGO, OStoGo, a 60-day trial of Norton Internet Security and a 60-day trial of Video Easy.