How Custom USB Drives Can Help Your Business

How Custom USB Drives Can Help Your Business

It may surprise you to learn that custom USB drives can do a lot to help your business! You can use them for everything that CDs and DVDs are used for, and then some! Check out these useful ideas:

  • Distribute company information such as annual reports, investor information, training videos, press kits, and more! By loading this information on a USB drive, it will be easily accessible and extremely lightweight to save on shipping.

  • Distribute product information directly to customers and clients including product catalogs, price sheets, photos, drawings, examples, and demonstration videos. Save on printing costs by producing a digital catalog that is easy to ship out at a moment's notice.

  • Give them to employees or preferred customers as a thank-you gift. Reinforce the strength of your brand with a customized USB flash drive that will be used over and over again.

  • USB drives make great promotional tools to catch the attention of trade show and event attendees. Stand out from the crowd by promoting your product in a unique and innovative way.

  • Put them to work in your company by quickly moving large files between two or more computers. Solid-state USB flash drives are also great for data backup and recovery for workstations, servers, and other computers!

  • Distribute user manuals, software drivers, quick start guides, and other information on a USB drive for a universal solution for your product documentation needs.

Of course, you are not limited to these uses. Put a USB flash drive to work for your business any way you like!


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