Packaging Templates

Packaging Templates

The packaging templates below are for preparing your Custom artwork for your Premium USB order. Our templates will help your graphic designer layout your artwork at the right size and placement for various media printing processes. If you are unsure of the printing service you are going to use, please consult with our Art Department to help you select the proper template for your artwork.

All packaging templates are available for download in zipped folders which include the file formats for the printing process chosen, and may be used with most reputable graphics programs. All disc and insert templates are set up showing: printable areas, required bleed area, and measurements. All you need to do is place your artwork on a separate layer and submit along with your order.




Photoshop users can open the PDF or EPS template files in Photoshop. Please be sure to rasterize at 300 dpi. If you are unable to use our templates, we have a talented team of graphic designers to custom design artwork for you. Please contact your account representative for a custom design quote.

acceptable file formats

If you are not finding the artwork design template you need please contact us for assistance.


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USB Clamshell Artwork Templates