What is the TEAC P-55B-ST printer?
The P-55B-ST printer is a professional thermal printer from TEAC. It produces full color prints at 400 DPI resolution, making it a leading thermal printer in the industry.

How does it differ from the original TEAC P-55 printer?
The original P-55 printer was designed to print on CD and DVD discs. The P-55B-ST was designed to print on USB drive bodies.

What types of USB drives can it print on?
The P-55B-ST was designed to print on the high performance Orbit USB drives from PremiumUSB. Orbit drives are the ideal printing surface for this type of printer.

Can I use my existing P55 printer to print on USB drives?
No, the original P-55 cannot be adapted to print on USB drives.

What is the output volume of the machine?
Unlike traditional CD and DVD printers, the TEAC P-55B-ST can print two drives at once.

What is the print quality like?
The P-55B-ST produces high quality prints using a CMYK ribbon. Colors are bright and text is sharp, even with the default settings. Prints are durable and have a nice gloss finish to them.

How many prints can I expect from each ribbon?
Color and photo ribbons will provide enough for 500 prints, or 1,000 drives. Black ribbons will provide enough for 1,000 prints, or 2,000 drives.

What size should I make my artwork?
Dimensions for your artwork vary from one drive design to another. Check our website for the printable area of the drive you print on.

What is a printable area?
Because USB drives come in odd shapes and sizes, it is not always possible to print on every inch of a USB drive. The printable area is a boundary in which it is safe to print without fear of the logo being distorted or skewed.

How should I submit my artwork?
We request that all artwork files sent in for printing are created using an industry standard design program such as Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, or Quark.