Custom USB Colors

Most of our USB drives are available in a wide range of colors beyond the standard colors of the rainbow. Love the drive, but not a fan of the color? Or perhaps you have a specific Pantone color that represents your company or your client's brand? No need to pick the closest matching color. You can have it your way with our Custom Pantone Color option! Let us customize your 500+ USB drives with your custom spot or Pantone color at no additional charge.

To ensure an exact reproduction, we can create your custom colored drives based on the PMS (Pantone Matching System) color guide. Because of the vast differences in the way computer monitors can display values and colors, one person's "dark red" may be another person's "orange." Consult with your graphic designer's swatch book when choosing the perfect color or send us a sample and we will pick the right PMS color for you.  When you're ready to start your new project, we have the experience and know how to deliver the precise color you expect.

Have a question concerning our color options and availability? Call a knowledgeable account representative at: 1-877-992-3766 for your custom quote or to walk you through our process in further detail.

Revolution USB Body Colors