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Data Lock

USB Data Lock

Secure your data with USB Data Lock

The Data Lock Service lets you keep your data safe from unintentional deletion through common use. It is fairly common for our customers to hand out promotional USB drives to clients and we always get asked if there is a way we can prevent their clients from deleting valuable content. With our Data Lock service you will never have to worry about your clients, or end users, deleting your data from your promotional USB drives again.

How our Data Lock Service works:

  • Creates an undeletable partition, preventing computers from deleting information 
  • The computer reads the partition and tells the user that the information is undeletable
  • Will not lock the entire USB drive, allowing users to still use the USB for their own benefit

Why Data Lock helps:

  • Perfect for USB drives that contain an autorun menu
  • Great for drives with company logos, marks, or proprietary images and content
  • Protects specialized software that should not be overwritten or accidentally erased
  • Provides a usable space for the user to save and download their personal files. This ensures that users have a higher tendency to keep the drive while being continually exposed to your brand!

Choose the best fit for protecting your data:

Data Lock non-removable repartition
A non-removable data lock repartitions the USB drive into 2 partitions, where static data files are loaded on one partition and is not erasable or editable, yet leaves the second partition available for user information. This is best when loading data like catalogs or informational documents you want the user to keep.

Data Lock non-removable CD autorun repartition
With a CD autorun repartition of the USB drive, one part acts like a CD and can autorun your menu, presentation, or software. This will act like a CD so any place a typical CD autoruns, so will your USB. Also, the contents are non-removable or editable just like a CD and a typical data lock repartition. Also like the standard data lock, the remainder of the USB drive capacity will still be seen by the user as a USB drive for continued file storage.

Premium USB offers a myriad of USB drive styles to choose from, however this service is currently available for USB flash drives at capacities of 1GB and above.