USB Data Services Info

USB drives make a great impression on customers and clients - don't leave them stranded when they go to access your information! Our data services will ensure that your information has a refined, professional appearance from start to finish.


USB Data Preloading
Save time and let us duplicate them for you! The first 100 MB of data is included FREE with each drive. We can preload your data onto all of your drives leaving it removable by the end users. This could include product catalogs, brochures, pictures, videos, presentations, and much more.


Write-Protected Content
USB Write-Protected Content
When it comes to critical data, we can make sure your information is not accidentally erased or overwritten. With write-protection, anything preloaded on your drive becomes "read only."


USB Data Autorun
Make sure they get the message you want them to see! By creating an Autorun file for your drives, your content will open up on the end user's computer once the drive has been connected. This is convenient and saves a few extra clicks of the mouse.


Logo Autorun
USB Logo Autorun
This unique option allows a logo of your choice to be displayed on screen with a timed delay each time the drive is connected to a computer. This is a great reminder for frequently used drives and an excellent marketing tool.


Custom Icon
USB Custom Icon
Have you ever wondered how to get a custom drive icon when your drive is plugged in? We can create a customized icon with more visual appeal than the standard "removable disk" icon than most operating systems have. Icons are stored on the drive and travel with it, wherever it goes.