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USB Glossary of Terms

Technical terms are…well, technical. Let us help you understand important vocabulary like AutoRun, flash, Gigabyte, NAND, USB drive, and other difficult or unfamiliar words and concepts using our comprehensive Glossary. 

  • The industry's only expandable USB duplicator, available from CDROM2GO.

  • A special file or program that runs automatically when a CD, DVD, or USB disk is inserted into a computer.

  • A unique picture icon that is displayed in place of the standard "disk drive icon" in a computer.

  • Also known as a device driver, this can be one or more software files that must be installed on a computer system before a new hardware component (such as a printer, scanner, or USB drive) can be used.

  • A custom printed insert sheet that wraps on the outside of a case inserted between the clear vinyl sleeve and a case.

  • A high priority duplication job for USB drives with a turn time of 24 to 48 hours. Available on select drive models only.

  • The rewritable and erasable memory chips commonly found in USB flash drives.

  • A storage capacity equal to 1 billion bytes.

  • A thermal process where a die is heated and stamped into leather. Provides an appearance similar to embossing.

  • A piece of computer hardware that expands one USB port into multiple ports.

  • A custom printed inserted in a case like a paneled insert or outer entrapment.

  • Other names for USB drives.

  • A permanent process where a high-powered laser is used to etch text or an image onto a USB drive.

  • Any artwork or text which is printed on a drive body. Can be single-sided or double-sided depending on the drive.

  • A slower and more popular type of flash memory chip that can be produced cheaply and easily.

  • A type of flash memory which can be written and erased about 100,000 times. Commonly found in USB drives, MP3 players, and other gadgets.

  • The option of having your data loaded onto a USB drive in mass quantities.

  • A fast and accurate memory chip found in high performance USB drives; often identified by a higher price.

  • USB drives that feature a built-in rotating cap instead of a removable cap.

  • The amount of time between placing an order and receiving the product.

  • The original specification, with a maximum speed of 12 Mbits (or 1.5 Megabytes per second).

  • The newer specification, with a maximum speed of 480 Mbits (or 60 Megabytes per second).

  • The title assigned to a drive, which will show up in your computer's disk manager (Such as "My Computer" on Windows platforms and the "Finder" on Macintosh platforms).

  • Special protections that keep some or all of the files on a USB drive from being erased or deleted by the end user.