The World’s Most Expensive USB Drive


When I was guest writing on USB FAQ, I noticed many sites have the wrong drive listed as the world’s most expensive USB drive. Many older posts credit White Lake’s gold plated drive as holding the title even though it retails at only $3,500 USD. While this may sound like a lot for USB drive (especially for a 8 GB drive), it’s only a fraction of the cost other drives and does not look nearly as cool.

Another popular pretender to the most expensive drive title is the Mnemosyne. Premium USB’s blog, among other prominent blogs, lists this Toshi Sotaji-designed drive as holding the title. This drive is a 16 GB aluminum puzzle cube with a mirror finish. While it is the most intricate high-priced USB and dwarfs the White Lake drive with a $10,000 USD price tag, this Solid Alliance drive is still not the most expensive.

As of today, Mii Stor’s 8 GB ICE+ is the world’s most expensive USB drive, costing 15,000 GBP. Remember the a British pound is worth more than the US dollar so as of the current exchange rate this drive would costs us in the states $24,586.50 USD.

While not as intricate as Solid Alliance’s Mnemosyne or Gresso’s star-shaped Enigma, this 8 GB USB flash drive is elegant with 950 platinum casing that is set with 462 5.10ct diamonds. 950 platinum means that the metal is a 95% pure platinum alloy.

While the drive’s simple design and relatively low capacity for the price may not be strong draws for buyers, it does appear to have some value as a financial investment. While platinum is a highly volatile precious metal, it is often worth double that of gold in good economies; however, it has also been known to drop below the value of gold in bad economies.

The ICE+ is sold on Mii Stor’s website along their other luxury USB lines. Their cheapest drive is the 8 GB Stahl, which costs 100 GBP. Do you believe this drive has value beyond its novelty as a financial investment? Do the diamonds and platinum casing make the drive worth the money?