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Corporate Responsibility

At Premium USB, we approach our workplace practices with the same ethics that guide our social and environmental responsibility. We strongly advocate for the most stringent fair labor practices for the welfare of people associated with our suppliers both on U.S. soil and those worldwide. These practices include personal inspection for both national and international supplies’ facilities by our company’s CEO.

View the Corporate Social Responsibility 2018 Report

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Our Commitment

  • To use both domestic and international production facilities and manufacturing locations that do not utilize forced labor
  • To perform regular site visits of suppliers and manufactures for compliance verification (see Addendum)
  • To engage suppliers in e-learning training to build supplier capability and competency
  • To increase Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC)
  • To communicate Code of Conduct to Premium USB suppliers
  • To support development of new and existing compliant suppliers
  • To honor and support EICC Extractives Work Group and Mineral Traceability Study
  • To encourage all Tier 1 suppliers to publish a regular corporate responsibility report
  • To sustain USDM Roundtable achievement through spending with diverse suppliers
  • Enhance the Premium USB Code of Conduct through team member input
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