Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility

Unlike many other brands, Premium USB is focused on important elements of corporate responsibility, such as sustainability that allows us to thrive in our present and future economies while also empowering our community and nurturing our environment. Sustainability ensures that both we and the planet continue living together in a healthy and mutually beneficial relationship. We care about our planet and make every effort to utilize eco-friendly practices.

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Corporate Responsibility

Behind everything we do at Premium USB is the goal of enabling human potential utilizing technology. We believe access to the right tools and skills allows people, organizations, and communities to reach their full potential and achieve just about anything.

With this in mind, we focus on approaching and engaging with our community, people, and planet with sustainable practices. We strive to make being “green” easier for our customers and provide underserved youth access to technology, education, and training so they can unlock their true potential. Sustainable development encompasses more than environmental policy; it also touches on human lives by ensuring long term human development as well. By combining environmentally friendly practices, effective management, and determination to make changes, Premium USB is helping pave the way for a better future.

Christopher & Alane Pignotti
President and Vice President