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Custom shaped usb drives

custom shaped USB drive is created through molding or carving rubber, plastic, metal, wood and other materials into unique shapes that fit over the body of the USB flash drive. The result conveys not only a unique promotional or personal item, but also a sense of creativity and innovation.

Why Choose Custom Shaped USB Drives?
For marketing purposes, an original custom flash drive can help distinguish a business or client from its competition. In some ways, every USB flash is custom shaped because unlike optical media or other peripheral devices, it has more flexibility to transform into different shapes due to its compact design, how it is used, and how it functions. So, long as the metal USB connector can be properly plugged into a port without interference or too much weight applied to the drive’s end, the case around the body of the thumb drive can resemble almost anything.

A USB printing and duplication service will likely provide a customer the ability to create a uniquely shaped flash drive. This service company may also need to outsource the production of the drive for the customer in some cases. High volumes of a custom shaped drives are made easier for the customer through the use of a flash drive reproduction business.

3d rendering of usb drive.

Designing Your Own Drive
The creation of most custom molded USB drives begins with a concept or drawing of the intended design. Brainstorming and sketching enables a customer to fully flesh out his or her ideas and purpose. One needs to determine the message that needs to be conveyed through the flash drive design, how the drive will move, whether it has removable parts (like a cap) and the desired material that will be implemented.

Creating a Digital Blueprint
After an illustration has been sketched, a customer should contact a USB duplication company. A team of graphic designers will add further detail and may even enhance or suggest ideas for the design concept through a comprehensive illustration mock-up with structural angles, colors and dimensions given to the customer. The USB drive design service and the customer will then come to a mutual agreement regarding the specifications of the custom shaped product.

3d rendering of usb drive.

Finalizing Specifications
Next, the illustration is translated to a computer’s designated software (like a wireframe CAD drawing) if it has not already been integrated into such an application. This program synchronizes the design dimensions with the robotics of the machine used to actually shape the body of the drive. Three dimensional rubber shapes are devised through a mold that applies a single layer of material at a time. PVC and silicon are further examples of rubber-like materials that provide custom shapes due to their pliability and lightweight nature.

The Manufacturing Process
A majority of other shapes derive from the use of one or several die cast molds injected with plastic or metal. The number of molds used correlates to the increased complexity of the design. Once the design has been molded, the USB flash drive core is placed inside of the shape and sealed or locked into place for protection. Text or additional design is printed before or after the fusion of the drive and shape depending on its design.

Wood is an increasingly popular material used for custom drives that does not require mold casting, but equipment that will cut and laser the desired shape. A USB duplication company can reproduce these thumb drives in mass quantities within an efficient time frame due to its combination of equipment and manpower.