How to Create a Portable USB MP3 Player

How to create a portable USB MP3 player

MP3 players have proven to be extremely handy and portable! With massive data storage capacity, they have enabled us to carry around our favorite music for years. It is not surprising to see more and more people carrying around MP3 players, but what if you could create your own MP3 player with your very own USB flash drive?

Well, a Portable USB MP3 player isn't science fiction! Here’s how you can make your very own portable USB MP3 Player a reality.

  1. Materials: The first thing you will need in order to create your own portable MP3 player is a USB drive, your favorite music, and a portable music player. The reason we suggest a portable music player is because not all computers use the same audio player; having to configure your playlists based on the media player can be a pain. Suggested portable audio players are VLC player, SMPlayer, and Songbird.
  2. Installation: Next you'll want to download and load your preferred portable music player onto the USB drive along with your selected music. Keep in mind: it is very easy to constantly switch which music you want on the drive by simply selecting and moving MP3’s to or from the USB flash drives.
  3. Setup: It is now time to set up exactly what you want your portable USB MP3 player to do. First, open up your portable music player. Search for the function that allows you to create a playlist and start adding songs to that particular playlist. You can literally create hundreds of different playlists with each one having its own unique setup of songs or themes. Save your new playlist in an easily accessible location on the USB flash drive. Note: You may need to move the newly created playlist from its default location to one of your choosing.
  4. Play: Lastly, it is time to test your playlist and see how it performs. Close out of all programs on your USB MP3 Player. Double-click on your newly created playlist. If everything has gone according to plan, then your brand new playlist should pull up under your chosen portable media playlist and begin playing.

With this newly created Portable USB MP3 Player you will be able to take your favorite music with you wherever you go and never have to worry about configuring or the compatibility of the host machine again!